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Innovation Timeline

  • 2007

    Leafy Greens Product Handler Marketing Agreement

    Taylor Farms partnered with the Western Growers Association and CA based growers to create the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement. This ground breaking set of food safety practices created a uniform standard for all leafy greens farms and growers to abide by, and is verified by mandatory government audits.

  • 2007

    Automated Romaine Harvesting

    Taylor Farms is the only company in the United States that utilizes the ground breaking technology of the Automatic Romaine Harvester. This machine uses a stream of purified water to cut 5 heads of romaine at one time, while providing an improved ergonomic environment for harvest employees. Employees are able to stand upright under a shaded canopy to pack product, instead of bent over in a field for long hours at a time.

  • 2008

    Center for Produce Safety

    Co-find the Center for Produce Safety, an organization focused on providing the product industry with research needed to continually enhance food safety.

  • 2009

    PMA Impact Award

    At the 2009 PMA Fresh Summit convention, Taylor Farms receives the PMA Impact Award for Functionality/technology in packaging, for being one of the first companies to distribute salads in a new, clear rigid container where the lid seals to a tray.

  • 2010


    SmartWash formerly known as T-128, for the 128 R&D trials it took to perfect the formulation, is launched. SmartWash is a food wash enhancer, developed by Taylor Farms and verified by the USDA to prevent cross-contamination and eliminate outbreaks. Taylor Farms implements SmartWash to run on every processing line in every TF facility, nationwide.

  • 2011

    Birth of the Chopped Salad

    Taylor Farms debuts our original chopped salad line, creating a whole new segment within the salad category offered at retailers. The wildly popular chopped salad line is the first of its kind to be offered in grocery stores and quickly becomes a bestselling item.

  • 2012

    Cleaner Energy

    A fuel cell power system is installed at our Taylor Farms plant in Salinas, CA, which generates clean, reliable power on-site with minimal environment impact by converting gas into electricity.

  • 2014

    Solar and Sun

    Pioneered sustainable innovation, installing a fuel cell system, solar panels, and wind turbine to reduce our carbon footprint and generate a cleaner source of energy for our plant’s power needs.

  • 2014

    Automated Celery Harvesting

    The newest addition to Taylor Farms’ automated harvesting program is the Celery Harvester. The machine was custom built in Denmark in collaboration with Taylor Farms own team of engineers.

  • 2015

    Forbes AgTech Summit

    Taylor Farms partners with Forbes Magazine to host the first annual Forbes AgTech Summit, convening some of the brightest minds from Silicon Valley and global agriculture to discuss emerging innovation and technology in the farming industry.

  • 2015

    Western Growers Innovation Center

    Collaboration is the driving force behind Taylor Farms founding sponsorship of Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology. The center houses start-up companies with the mission to bring together innovating entrepreneurs with farmers to make a positive change for the future of agriculture.