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The Taylor Difference

Fresh Delivery Platform

With 13 facilities located throughout the United States and in Mexico, Taylor Farms has the unique, logistical capability to provide our customers with fresh daily delivery. We guarantee consistent, speed of product to the marketplace with quality and great taste in every bite.

  1. Taylor Farms Northwest *
  2. Taylor Farms Pacific *
  3. Taylor Farms Retail
  4. Taylor Farms California
  5. Papa John's *
  6. Taylor Farms Colorado
  7. Taylor Farms Mexico
  8. Taylor Farms Texas *
  9. Taylor Farms Illinois *
  10. Taylor Farms Tennessee *
  11. Taylor Farms New Jersey *
  12. Taylor Farms Maryland
  13. Taylor Farms Florida *

* Deli Focused Facility

Fresh Delivery Platform Map

Customer Partnerships

Taylor Farms understands a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in today’s marketplace. That’s why we’re dedicated to tailoring fresh food programs to fit each of our customer’s unique needs. From private labeled options to chef crafted recipes, we are truly a one-stop shop for innovative, culinary solutions and fresh product selections.

Culinary Expertise

Each Taylor Farms facility has a dedicated, on-site team of Culinary and R&D experts, who take ideas from the kitchen to the production floor. Our chefs tap into the newest tastes, trends, and packaging to create products customers will love.


Taylor Farms is a pioneer in agricultural innovation, reflected by milestone advancements in automated harvesting and processing, food safety, industry collaboration and sustainable practices. We continue to expand and innovate to meet our customer’s needs and industry business challenges.