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Blogger Takeover: Monic Sutter’s Lime Chicken Tangerine Crunch Salad

Hi! Monic from Simply Sutter here. There is nothing quite like devouring an amazing salad! Whether it’s for lunch or dinner I’m all about Taylor Farms. As you’ve seen before on here I love their salads because the ingredients are amazing but I can also get creative with my recipes! Today I’m so excited to share Taylor Farms 4 NEW chopped kits plus give you an inside look at my lime chicken and Tangerine Crunch Salad.

I honestly I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you all! If you didn’t know this about me I probably have salad 3 or more times a week! If I don’t have it for lunch Chris and I enjoy a nice salad for dinner, especially on nights when we don’t have too much time. Now that I think about it this would be perfect for Mother’s Day or to have at a BBQ.


1 Bag fo Taylor Farms Tangerine Crunch Chopped Salad

(chicken marinade)

1 lb of sliced chicken breast

zest of 1 lime

4 tbsp lime juice

1 teaspoon olive oil

2 garlic cloves minced

3 tbsp brown sugar




In a ziplock bag add all ingredients (including chicken)

Let marinate overnight or min 3 hours

Add marinated contents to med-hi heated skillet

Cook for 2 min or until caramelized and golden brown making sure to turn and cook both sides

Add all ingredients of Tangerine Crunch salad kit to bowl

Place chicken on top

Drizzle with salad dressing


Okay so now for a closer look at these 4 new tasty salads. There is Salsa Ranch, Tangerine Crunch, Roasted Garlic and Steakhouse Wedge! I’ve already tried all four of these salads with family and there is a salad for everyone’s liking. Let me know which one is your favorite on my Instagram!