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Working Together to Leave the World a Better Place

Earlier this month, Taylor Farms’ Director of Sustainability Nicole Flewell attended the Sustainability in Action Tour for McDonald’s in Fort Worth, TX. This tour brought together a variety of suppliers from across the McDonald’s supply chain to tour, collaborate and cross-train with other industries.

50 representatives from the McDonald’s supply chain, including Flewell, went to Farmer Brothers Coffee, GC Ellis Cattle Ranch, Noble Research Institute, Dixon Water Foundation, and Martin Brower Distribution Center to learn what others are doing in terms of innovations and advancements in the world of sustainability including:

  • Coffee Supply Chain and Agronomy
  • Tour of Farmer Brothers Roasting Plant
  • McCafe SIP (Sustainability in Progress) Overview
  • Details about Farmer Brothers’ Direct Trade Verified Sustainable Program
  • Beef Value Chain and an introduction to the USRSB
  • Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot
  • Soil Carbon Cowboys screening & field visit to see the Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) Grazing and ASU research product
  • Visiting the Betty and Clint Josey Pavilion at the Dixon Water Foundation

“Our mission is to be North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods, and we can accomplish that goal with a commitment to responsible practices,” says Flewell. “We are focused on doing everything in our power to leave the world a better place than we found it, and this tour was a great experience to see how other companies are helping to do the same. I am excited to take some of what I learned back to Taylor Farms and incorporate it into our business.”

For five years, McDonald’s has hosted this tour to help prioritize issues for its business and society, drive innovation, and further build brand trust.

“The theme for this year’s Sustainability in Action Tour was partnering from progress,” says Townsend Bailey, Director, Supply Chain Sustainability, McDonald’s US.  “No single organization, no matter how big, can address the most significant environmental and social issues facing the world alone. McDonald’s recognizes this and relies on strong collaboration with our suppliers, franchisees and other NGOs, such as WWF, the USRSB, Conservation International, and the Noble Research Institute. Doing so makes us a stronger business and amplifies the positive impact the McDonald’s system can have on society.”