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Back to School: Nutritious School Lunches Made Easy with Taylor Farms Snack Trays!

It’s back to school season! Luckily, busy Moms and Dads can breathe a little easier when packing their kids’ lunches by including Taylor Farms tasty, nutritious snack trays.

Back to School: Nutritious School Lunches Made Easy with Taylor Farms Snack Trays!

Our wholesome snack trays come in a variety of choices for every day of the week, including veggies, fruit, proteins, and ranch dip, all in one simple package that fits nicely into any lunchbox. The tray options include:

Better Cheddar Product Image

  • Healthy Harvest, with apples, sweet carrots, premium cheddar cheese and almonds
  • Little Dipper, with carrots, crisp celery, waffle pretzels and juicy tomatoes
  • Lovin’ Veggies, with carrots, celery and tomatoes
  • Protein Punch, with cheddar cheese, almonds, and broccoli
  • Pure Veggie, with organic carrots, broccoli and tomatoes
  • Better Cheddar, with waffle pretzels, cheddar cheese, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli


Healthy lunches help kids do better in class. Past studies have examined the eating habits of school children and determined that children who eat more fruits, vegetables, and protein, and fewer calories from fat, perform better on literacy tests compared to children with a high-fat, high-salt diet.

Protein Punch Product Image
“Taylor Farms is proud to be part of an industry dedicated to supplying convenient,  fresh snacks,” said Brian Modena, a nutritious snack and cut vegetable product manager, Taylor Farms Retail. “We’re committed to helping increase students’ consumption of fruits and vegetables to develop healthier eating habits for a lifetime.”

We wish you all a happy and healthy back to school season!