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Celebrating Our Team All Year Long

On Labor Day and all throughout the year, we celebrate and thank the thousands of people whose hard work, dedication, creativity, and skill make Taylor Farms successful – our employees. It is their combined efforts that make it possible to deliver fresh and wholesome produce to our customers.

At Taylor Farms, employees are family and we believe that you take care of your family every day of the year. To show our appreciation and respect to our team, we have a variety of special programs celebrating them throughout the year.

The health and well-being of our employees is always a priority, this is why we contributed to the opening of the Health and Wellness Center in Gonzales to help ensure our employees and their families get the health care they need. We also designed and built a new generation of automated harvesting machines that provide workers with ergonomic workstations. Most recently we went into the fields with the Labor of Love program to honor a harvester crew with a hot breakfast, Walmart gift cards and letters of thanks for their hard work.


Our employees’ families are an extension of Taylor Farms and we wish each of them an enjoyable Labor Day!