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Get a Glimpse of the Latest On-The-Go Salads

Does your busy lifestyle often get in the way of eating healthy? Taylor Farms wants to help, which is why we’ve developed our on-the-go salads — a convenient and affordable meal option that will be #LoveatFirstBite.

Photo by @Cryskay

We produce 20 unique and tasty varieties of these single portioned salads, so everyone is sure to have a favorite! They are fresh, portable, AND nutritious! It’s the perfect thing to bring to work for lunch, or eat as a healthy on-the-go dinner option. Saving time by reducing the amount of meal prep you have to do helps allow you to spend more time doing things you want to do.

Varieties include consumer favorite Chopped Salad Kit flavors — with added protein — Asian, Italian, and Southwest; classic choices like Cobb, Chef, Chicken Caesar, Fiesta; and our latest three on-trend options include Apple & Walnut Salad with Chicken, Garden Salad with Chicken and Bacon, and our Chopped Farmhouse Salad with Chicken and Bacon… Yes – our Chopped Farmhouse Bacon Salad is now available in the most convenient salad format yet!

Organic only? No problem — we also have two organic single serve salads: Three Bean and Spring Feta. Both freshly prepared, and conveniently packed.


Out to Eat blogger Shanley Cox regularly eats these salad bowls for lunch: “One of my biggest lunchtime requirements is convenience. So when I found out about these single serve salads from Taylor Farms it was a game changer. Not only are they convenient (I literally just throw it in my bag and it’s good to go…there’s even a fork included!), but they’re low in calories and loaded with fresh veggies.”

Shanley Cox enjoying a Taylor Farms on-the-go salad

“I’ve tried my fair share of pre-packaged salads, but after trying Taylor Farms’ Single Serve Salads, I finally found myself a winner,” shares Cryskay blogger Crystal Kong.  “I’ve tried their organic salad blends before so I’m not surprised that I love their personal sized salads as well. I love that Taylor Farms understands the importance of sustainability, they produce food options that nourish my body, stimulate my mind, and sustain my livelihood.”

Blogger Crystal Kong enjoying a Taylor Farms on-the-go salad

Taylor Farms’ ready-to-eat bowls are available across the country at Wal-Mart and select regional grocers.

Have you had a chance to enjoy our convenient on-the-go salads yet? Share your meals with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging #TaylorFarms and #LoveatFirstBite.