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Iceberg Lettuce: Good For You and Your Wallet

We really love it when others spread the word about the benefits of quality produce in a healthy diet – something the USDA highlighted recently in its new dietary guidelines.

Most recently, entertainer John Tesh, who hosts a syndicated TV show and Web site called “Intelligence for Your Life,” talked about “surprisingly healthy foods that are also inexpensive.”  Here’s what he had to say:

Iceberg Lettuce. It’s packed with fiber, iron and vitamin C. It also has bone-building vitamin K. Iceberg does everything from prevent dangerous plaque build-up in our arteries to boost digestion. Another benefit? Iceberg lettuce is one of the lowest calorie foods you can eat: one cup has roughly eight calories. 

Iceberg Lettuce: Good For You and Your Wallet - Product Image


We agree completely.  Taylor Farms is all about providing consumers with the freshest, highest quality produce available.

Tesh’s show, co-hosted by wife and actress Connie Selleca, appears on 157 stations around the country.