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Meet Megan Pagonis of Taylor Farms Retail

3 years as a Taylor Farms Retail employee and a 17 year Salinas Californian, Megan Pagonis is loving her new commute to work…on her bike!


The mile commute takes Megan Pagonis roughly 5-6 minutes on her Public C7. “It’s actually quicker to ride my bike than it is to drive. The most fun is riding down the ramp and the hardest part is riding back up it at the end of the day,” Megan states.


Megan with her Public C7 Bike in front of Taylor Farms on Main Street

Like nearly all the 150 Taylor Farms employees located in the new Main Street Office, Megan enjoys the office’s central location. “It’s really nice to be in the middle of the community.” Each Tuesday for lunch she along with co-workers have been trying out new restaurants – So far Oldtown Café has been one of her new favorites with the Bakery Station being one of her “go-to” locations. (She recommends the Bel Air)

Fun Facts about Megan:

  • Her favorite Taylor Farms product is our spinach; whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Megan eats our baby spinach every day!
  • She is married to her husband Joe and they love each of their pets equally: two dogs, Flynn & Murphy and three (yes, three!) cats, Oliver, Kitten Jr. & Cricket.


Next time you’re driving down Main Street please be sure to watch your speed and look out for bikers like our Megan! Go ahead and give her a wave! She will be sporting a matte turquoise helmet with a sticker of our iconic Taylor Farms Leaf.