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Project Gigaton

Walmart recently hosted their annual Milestone Summit showcasing their monumental supplier sustainability platform dubbed “Project Gigaton”. Project Gigaton is Walmart’s initiative in emissions reduction, with a goal to remove 1 gigaton (1 billion tons) of greenhouse gas emission from its supply chain by 2030.

During the conference, Taylor Farms was honored as one of Walmart’s “featured suppliers” alongside other segment leaders including, Tyson Foods, Kellogg’s, Budweiser, Colgate, and Proctor & Gamble.

“At Walmart’s annual Sustainability Summit, we highlighted suppliers doing great work to reduce emissions through Project Gigaton, contributing to the goal of reducing one gigaton, a billion metric tons, of emissions in the value chain by 2030.”, said Zach Freeze, senior director of sustainability for Walmart. “We are excited to see the progress Taylor Farms is making to reduce waste and increase the renewable energy they source while continuing to provide great products for our customers.”

Charles Redfield, EVP, Walmart U.S. Food, Merchandising

Taylor Farms was highlighted for leading efforts in sustainable practices that have resulted in a significant reduction of energy emissions throughout the supply chain, as well as our commitment to waste diversion. Since 2012, Taylor Farms has embraced 8 major projects throughout the US that help power operations with renewable and alternative energy, conserve water, and minimize our impact on the environment. Embracing sustainable practices is no longer an option for Taylor Farms, but an imperative.