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Salinas Valley Blogger Tour Showcases Top Agriculture in Monterey County

Taylor Farms was honored to be a stop on a Salinas Valley Blogger Tour last week, hosted by California Farm Water Coalition and Western Growers. The tour focused on introducing bloggers to agriculture in Monterey County and show where their food comes from.

During the tour, four awesome bloggers from around California learned, first hand, about how food is grown, the critical labor shortage agriculture is facing and the innovative technology being developed to serve as a solution to this ag labor shortage, the truth behind inputs such as crop protectants, and the water issues facing growers. The tour stopped at Tanimura & Antle, Sierra Farms, Mission Ranches, and Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, with Taylor Farms as the final stop.

Salinas Valley Blogger Tour Showcases Top Agriculture in Monterey County

The Taylor Farms Gonzales, CA based facility hosted Chelsea Day of Someday I’ll Learn, Brandi Jeter of Mama Knows It All, Lizz Porter of More Than Thursdays, and Danielle Simmons of A Crafty Spoonful, and teach them about the process of how we take the fresh vegetables from the fields and turn them into products like Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits and how we produce these fan-favorites while being as energy efficient and sustainable as possible (so you can feel good about eating them!)


Salinas Valley Blogger Tour Showcases Top Agriculture in Monterey County Image 1

“Taylor Farms was selected to be the culmination of the tour because we wanted to expose the bloggers one of the prime leaders in innovation, retail and value-added products,” says Stephanie Metzinger, Communications Manager, Western Growers.

Mama Knows It All’s Brandi told us how much she enjoyed learning a little more about where the veggies come from, how they’re packaged, and the people who grow and produce them.

“I knew Taylor farms was responsible for bringing some of my favorite produce to market,” said Brandi. “What I didn’t know was how many jobs they bring to the country or about their commitment to the environment. I’m super impressed!”

Thanks so much to California Farm Water Coalition (@farmwater) and Western Growers (@western_growers) for putting the #cfwcfarmtour together and to the four bloggers for coming to our facility!

What questions do you have about how your food is grown, packaged, or shipped? Comment on our Facebook page or send us a tweet!