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Support for UC Davis Research Center Yields Bounty of Vital Food Safety Initiatives

When Taylor Farms pledged $2 million nearly a decade ago to help launch the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) at UC Davis, the goal was to advance an aggressive research agenda that provided produce companies with the guidance needed to advance their food safety efforts.  Today, we are proud that our commitment to this important work is making a real difference.


Since its inception as part of the university’s Western Institute for Food Safety and Security, CPS has compiled an impressive body of work, awarding $16.4 million and funding 100 research projects at 30 universities and organizations involving some of the world’s leading produce safety scientists.  CPS also has garnered a global reputation.  An example is the major CPS research symposium which took place in Seattle, WA June 28-29, drawing food safety scientists from around the world.

To date, Taylor Farms has contributed $2.25 million to CPS.  The first major multi-year project funded by the center was the USDA validation of the SmartWash produce wash system that is the centerpiece of the Taylor Farms’ industry-leading production process, according to Jim Brennan of SmartWash Solutions, a member of the CPS Technical Committee.

In addition to Brennan, another Taylor Farms team member, Alec Leach, Taylor Farms Foodservice President, served until earlier this year on the CPS Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

“The enhancement of food safety in our industry is ongoing,“ said Leach  “We are constantly learning more about sources and vectors for potential contamination and addressing risks to our industry’s customers.”

The CPS mission to “provide and share ready-to-use, science-based solutions to prevent or minimize produce safety vulnerabilities” dovetails with Taylor Farms commitment to providing consumers with the freshest, healthiest and safest produce available.


In its research on food safety and security, UC Davis engages its School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the School of Medicine.  They work in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Health Services.

Taylor Farms is pleased to support CPS in its goal of implementing food safety initiatives at the speed of our industry.