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Taylor Farms Becomes a Blue Zone Certified Workplace

We’re excited to share that Taylor Farms is one of the three companies in Monterey county that have become a Blue Zone certified workplace, alongside Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, and Montage Health. The areas of which our team has excel in our our getting up and move motive, walking groups, and social activities for our staff. Inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, Blue Zones Project is a well-being initiative designed to unite communities with a common goal of making healthy choices easier. The innovative initiative draws upon more than 200 evidence-based practices to help community leaders across public and private sectors make sustainable changes that promote a culture of health.

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Even moderate daily physical activity, including walking can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Every little bit of physical activity adds up. In our office headquarter parking garage, there are four blue zone parking spaces meaning that they are the furthest away from the elevator to give employees the option to get extra steps in. The blue zone parking spaces are reminders for employees to get those extra steps in and easily add more physical activity to our/their day.

We have incorporated hourly breaks for our employees to climb stairs. We have a blue zones staircase on the side of our building to promote more physical activity. Our team is encouraged to take micro breaks with one another to go out on one of our walking paths or take the stairs for a break of physical activity.

Taylor Farms hosts a number of annual events for their staff to engage and socialize in, including: Relay for Life Wine Night, Taylor Farms Scholarship Luncheon, an annual rooftop BBQ, and annual Christmas party.

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Having a work environment that builds teamwork and collaboration starts with having healthy relationships among co-workers. Friendly relationships among co-workers create a sense of belonging and improves morale, which leads to higher employee retention and job satisfaction. It also encourages sharing of knowledge and innovation, and enhances individual and organizational productivity. These factors make your organization a desirable place to work. Arranging formal or informal social activities is undoubtedly the most effective way to bring employees from various departments together to interact, have fun, and connect.

To learn more about Blue Zones Project in Salinas, or ways you participate, be sure to visit

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