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Taylor Farms Celebrates Dedication to Sustainability

Taylor Farms’ mission is to be North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods, and we cannot accomplish that goal without a genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable energy practices.

Taylor Farms currently uses energy generated by solar panels, a wind turbine, and fuel cells, in addition to numerous efficiency measures, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide certainty about our energy cost. This November, we celebrated two very important sustainability anniversaries.

Taylor Farms Celebrates Dedication to Sustainability Image 2

November 2012: We activated a clean energy system at our Salinas plant. The system is comprised of five new 200-kilowatt energy servers and uses fuel cell technology, converting fuel into electricity without the combustion required by a conventional electrical generator. The system cuts carbon dioxide emissions by almost 30% and nearly eliminates nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions. It produces electricity using nearly no water – close to 100% less than an average power plant.

November 2014: We began operating one of the Salinas Valley’s first wind turbines. The blades of the 398 foot wind turbine help power our Gonzales vegetable processing facility, spinning up to 20 rotations per minute and supply up to one megawatt of power.

Taylor Farms Celebrates Dedication to Sustainability Image 2

We have an unwavering focus on doing everything in our power to leave the world a better place than we found it. Check out more of our sustainability practices, including water efficiency and waste reduction, here.