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Taylor Farms Innovates With Soft Robotics

Technology and innovation are driving forces in every industry and agriculture is no exception. Taylor Farms is embracing change through the advancement of automation as a solution to impeding industry challenges, including labor shortages.

One way we have been adapting is by becoming both a customer and an investor in the company Soft Robotics, a manufacturer of soft-actuating adaptive gripper technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


“Bruce Taylor is seen as a huge innovator in this industry,” says Carl Vause, Chief Executive Officer of Soft Robotics Inc. “For years, he’s been a leader in the Salinas Valley and has worked to bring the fresh produce industry along. He’s very concerned about the labor problem and the safety problem. He believes that the produce industry needs to start looking at advanced technologies.”

Take a look at the video we produced for this year’s Forbes AgTech Summit featuring the Soft Robotics adaptive gripping technology and how it adeptly handles our packaged produce.

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