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Taylor Farms Partners with the City of Gonzales

This last week, the city of Gonzales was named a recipient of the 2019 Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Prize meaning the city has made great efforts in leading their community to better health through a greener vision, youth voice, and small town pride.

Taylor Farms and the City of Gonzales have been able to partner through our shared values in sustainability and protecting our environment. Our Gonzales facility has its own utility micro grid, where it implements solar panels and wind turbines to reduce our carbon footprint and generate energy through wind and sun. The city of Gonzales wants to implement their own utility micro grid, as the city is adding solar panels, wastewater treatment plant and water wells in the heart of the city limits. The city of Gonzales has been more than supportive through our health and wellness medical center and our innovations over the years. 

Our Taylor Farms facility has 50% of our employees living in South Monterey County, with 30% of those employees from the Gonzales community. As apart of the Gonzales community, Taylor Farms provides a Healthy Foods Security Program, where our team hands out healthy fresh vegetables to students and their families after the end of the school week, rotating between three different after school locations. 

Take a look at the video to learn more about Gonzales’ efforts in creating a healthier community. 

We are proud to be a part of the Gonzales community and showcasing The Gonzales Way and would like to congratulate the city of Gonzales for winning this award.