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Taylor Farms Works with Mother Nature to Provide Fresh Produce for the Holidays

A lot goes into making sure Taylor Farms distributes the quality produce consumers expect from us. We especially like to work closely with Mother Nature each season to make sure we can always grow, process, and ship the freshest products available.


We identify and collaborate with farm suppliers in several regions around the country and in Mexico that have the right growing climates at various times in the year to ensure a steady supply of a quality product by Mother Nature.

To make this happen, we transition our entire production facility — between Salinas, California and Yuma, Arizona — twice a year, as our desired crops transition between growing regions.

When the season ends in the Salinas Valley and begins in the Yuma area, 200 people break down all 1,400 tons of production equipment, load it onto 72 trucks, transport it 571 miles, and rebuild it — all in just 56 hours; completely cleaned, sterilized, and ready to process crops. When the Yuma season winds down, we do it all over again and move it back to Salinas. Watch the process in this video: