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Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens

Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens

Hi everyone! Gabrielle from Eat Drink Shrink here. As an MS Clinical Nutritionist, and almost 7 months pregnant, cooking full time has its perks! There is always food in the fridge, and food on the table. However, you can easily find yourself burnt out, lacking the energy to cook or worst of all ingredients go to waste.

For both of these reasons I have a few nutrient packed go-to’s that never fail to disappoint and mitigate waste. One of them, is relying on the Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits!! Not only are the varieties all encompassing and packed with modern greens such as kale, but they are portioned out so that nothing goes to waste and you don’t have to chop or measure anything.

My personal favorite, is the Asiago Kale Chopped Salad Kit!

I love this variety most as kale can be tedious to prep, ultimately saving you time and energy and this particular green holds up for longer when pre packaged compared to others. Everything comes in individual pockets so that if you don’t desire various toppings you can skip them altogether and you can top with whatever protein you like!

When it comes to recipe hacks with this particular blend, you can incorporate these salads to top off a sandwich, throw into a pita with a little hummus, sauté the greens with a little of the provided dressing, or you seamlessly toss in some plant based protein with quinoa or chickpeas to make the dish more filling.

Whether you’re searching for effortless meal solutions or need a modern ready made salad for a gathering, Taylor Farms offers countless Chopped Salad Kit options!

Which one is your favorite?