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Earth Month 2019: Our Journey to Zero Waste

At Taylor Farms, we are committed to preserving a healthy world for future generations. In addition to our renewable and alternative energy initiatives, we also focus on waste reduction in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint.

Just last year, Taylor Farms became the first-ever fresh food company to achieve TRUE Platinum certification for Zero Waste. To receive this certification, our Director of Sustainability Nicole Flewell and our Gonzales ‘Green Team,’ launched the Zero Waste program with the goal of reducing incoming materials, reusing existing materials when possible, and recycling what remains throughout the facility, achieving a 94% diversion from landfills. We have decreased landfill contribution by 56%, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 30,923 MTCO2E, which is equivalent to taking 6,510 cars off the road annually. In addition, Team Taylor worked with our growing partners to move to 100% reusable bins and totes, eliminating all single use and wax cartons from the supply chain.

Addressing food accessibility and providing nutritional resources to those in need is an important part of our mission. Each year, we donate over 5 million lbs. of fresh produce to local food banks and charitable organizations, including Ag Against Hunger, Brighter Bites, Salvation Army and Weekend Food Security Programs. Vegetable by-products generated through processing are recycled by third party companies who utilize it for animal feed and compost. We also help reduce food waste in your homes with our value-added products, like Chopped Salad Kits and Stir Fry Kits, which are perfectly portioned, so you can use every part of the product to make something healthy and delicious, without any food being thrown away!