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Water Conservation Through Innovation

Water is an increasingly scarce resource and is essential to our business. We are continuously pursuing ways we can decrease our water usage in our journey providing safe and wholesome fresh foods. When it comes to water in the field, we have seen a widespread shift in the past 5 years from furrow irrigation to drip irrigation, which helps farmers reduce the amount of water needed to nourish their crops.

In our facilities, we are piloting different technologies, including flow meters and variable frequency drives, which help us better control and conserve our water usage in our facilities. At our facility in Salinas, California, we have added collection lines which decreases overall water consumption by 12.5%. The addition of SmartWash® to our system allows us to maximize our wash water, using 10% less water than standard produce wash systems. SmartWash not only conserves water and improves food safety, but also utilizes less energy to deliver the same safe, high quality products you expect from us. Certified by the USDA, SmartWash is the most advanced food safety wash enhancer in the world.