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Blog Takeover: Lunches + Littles Love for our New Chopped Kit

Hi Taylor Farms Fans! It’s @lunchesandlittles here and we are so excited to be taking over Taylor Farms’ blog this month, which also happens to be National Salad Month! Yeah, did you know that was a thing? Well, it is- and we are so excited that salads get their own month of recognition because they deserve it! Crisp, versatile, healthy, endless options with something for everyone- yep, that’s salad, and we love it! Blog Takeover: Lunches + Littles Love for our New Chopped Kit

Now, if you follow us over on our feed, @lunchesandlittles, you already probably know that we love color, easy recipes and making meals fun! But, as a mom to three little ones some are still surprised to learn that we serve up salads as often as we do, though we aren’t sure why. Sure, salads sometimes get put in the bland, boring, or “diet” category, but truth is, salads are DELICIOUS, easy, and like we mentioned above- there’s a salad for everyone!

This month, we had the opportunity to try out the new Avocado Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad Kit from Taylor Farms and it was incredible. We added a couple of our favorites: tomatoes and feta cheese, but this salad kit is perfect straight out of the bag too. Green leaf lettuce, kale, carrots, cabbage and then some juicy white meat grilled chicken, fun (hello pink, orange and purple!) tortilla strips and the dressing- avocado ranch. Oh. My. YUM (and completely kid-approved in this home).

We have always said that you eat with your eyes first, and this “rainbow bowl” as our 6-year-old named it, definitely is a beautiful looking dish….

Blog Takeover: Lunches + Littles Love for our New Chopped Kit Image 2We love that these kits from Taylor Farms include everything you need from the greens to the dressing. These kits are affordable, easy and since everything comes individually packaged inside the main bag, you can customize each salad you serve- which is especially helpful as a mom of little ones, who sometimes don’t love everything that come in some pre-packaged/pre-mixed options.

So, whether you are looking for a quick and easy lunch or dinner, an easy way to add some greens to your day to day, or just an easy and new way to expose your littles one to salad- Taylor Farms has you covered! Be sure to check out all of their options including their new Chopped Salad Kits!


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