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Build an #RDapproved Salad With Staying Power

Guest Blog Post by : Mia Syn, MS, RD

Boring salads are out and hearty salads are in! Building a salad with the right ingredients means feeling full longer, and getting more nutrient bang-for-your-buck. The result: steady energy and stronger hair, skin and nails. Here is my tried and true, #RDapproved formula for building a salad with staying power.



Step 1: Protein

Of our three macronutrients, PROTEIN is the most satiating meaning it keeps us feeling full. Animal proteins like chicken and salmon are considered complete protein sources meaning they contain all the essential amino acids, or protein building blocks, that contribute to our muscles, hair, skin and nails. Curious about the portion size? Use the palm of your hand as a guide!

Plant-based? No problem! Legumes and edamame are rich plant-protein sources that also contain fiber along with a slew of vitamins and minerals. Try adding one-half cup of lentils, chickpeas or edamame to your next veggilicious lunch.


Step 2: Whole Grains

Add unique textures and additional staying power to your salad with whole grains like quinoa, barley, brown rice and farro. Fiber and B vitamins are nutrient standouts. Fiber aids digestion and elimination, while B vitamins are important for metabolizing our food.

Step 3: Fruit

Seasonal produce is a great way to make a salad more fun and nutritious. In-season produce tastes the best and is higher in nutrition than if it were consumed off-season.  With warm weather on the horizon, berries are a great choice! They may be small in size, but they are antioxidant powerhouses. Research suggests that antioxidants may help slow down the aging process.


Step 4: Leafy Greens, Veggies, Healthy Fats

Check all these boxes with Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits. Each kit contains chopped and washed veggies, toppings and a dressing to bring it all together. Convenient, meets healthy and delicious! Try my Asian Chopped Salads Jars for lunch next week using my four-step formula.


Asian Chicken Salad in a Jar

Serves: 3

1 bag Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Salad Kit

12 oz. chicken, diced and cooked

3/4 cup brown rice, cooked

3/4 cup edamame

3/4 cup mandarin oranges


  1. Start by adding Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Salad Kit dressing to the bottom of three large Mason jar.
  2. Next layer chicken followed by edamame, brown rice, Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Salad greens, mandarin oranges, wontons and slivered almonds.
  3. Repeat for remaining jars.