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Choose Nutritious and Delicious Taylor Farms Snack Trays to Celebrate National Snack Food Month

Did you know snacking now accounts for half of all eating occasions (crazy!) and because 61% of consumers are opting for healthier snacks,1 our Taylor Farms Snack Trays are the perfect choice to celebrate National Snack Food Month. They’re great for your on-the-go schedule, and with so many options, there’s something for everyone.

If you need a change of pace, our Better Cheddar snack tray is for you. Great tasting and guilt free — crunch, dip, and snack to your heart’s content.

Better Cheddar

Craving a snack that has the perfect combination of fresh, delicious veggies and a creamy, decadent dip? Then our Bursting with Goodness snack tray is the one you want.

Bursting with Goodness snack tray

Our Healthy Harvest snack tray will make you feel like you just went to the local farmer’s market!

Healthy Harvest snack tray

Show your dedication to veggies by trying our Lovin’ Veggies snack tray.

Lovin’ Veggies snack tray

Pump up your day with a Protein Punch snack tray and get the nutrition your body needs.

Protein Punch snack tray

Veggies on the brain? If so, then we have the snack of your dreams. Try out our new Organic Pure Veggies snack tray.

Organic Pure Veggies snack tray.

Our Little Dipper snack trays will add some color and flavor to your snacking repertoire, and brighten National Snack day or any day.

Little Dipper

Looking for something both healthy and tasty to nibble on? Our Snap Happy snack tray is low in calories, and packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Snap Happy snack tray

1 Source: Mintel Group Ltd.2016; Nielsen Media Research 2016; “Millennials are Driving Snack Sales Growth and Reshaping How Americans Eat” May 2015; The Hartman Group “Foodways of the Younger Generation”