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Earth Month and Earth Day Important Reminders; Taylor Farms Grows Green All Year

April may be Earth Month and April 22 is the 46th Earth Day, but at Taylor Farms, we strive to grow green all year long.

We know one bag of lettuce or vegetables won’t change the world, but as North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods, our commitment to sustainable practices makes a genuine contribution to a better environment.

We continue working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by using clean, reliable and affordable energy from solar arrays at our production facilities, along with fuel cells and a wind turbine that produce a significant amount of the power we need with less impact on the environment.  We’ve also undertaken many energy efficiency measures and are planning additional clean energy installations in the future.

11_51_480994 11_35_10097112_33_331045Water is an increasingly scarce natural resource, but it is essential to our business. We’re working continuously to make the most efficient use of water in our operations.  For example, our produce wash tanks have advanced controls and mechanisms designed specifically to ensure that we don’t use more water than we absolutely need.

Earth Month and Earth Day Important Reminders; Taylor Farms Grows Green All Year Image

A cleaner environment is good for everybody, so Taylor Farms places a high priority on minimizing packaging and food waste. We’ve made great strides in reducing our carbon footprint through optimized packaging and we’re saving more than 160 acres of trees by reducing the amount of fiber used in our corrugated cardboard boxes.  We search constantly for innovative ways to reduce waste and increase production efficiency.



Earth Month and Earth Day are important reminders that it is up to all of us to respect and safeguard the planet we call home – every day of the year.