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Supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tracy Literacy Program to Help Local Youth

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tracy (BGCT) believes that one of the most important skills we can teach our children is how to be great readers. We at Taylor Farms agree completely.


For this reason, Taylor Farms Pacific is the lead sponsor of the BGCT “Early Literacy Program,” pledging $50,000 the past two years, with a commitment of at least $35,000 for the next two. This donation supports 120 children in the second and third grades who are reading below grade level to take part in the program that will help them to reach proficiency in their reading. Additionally, funding helps cover the reading intervention program’s expenses, including books, supplies, field trips, and a graduation event at the end of each school year.



“Taylor Farms believes in supporting our local youth, they are our future,” said Robin Lopez, Administrative Manager,  Taylor Farms Pacific. “The Boys and Girls Club is a wonderful organization, whose staff is truly dedicated in developing local youth and helping families in our community”.

The reading intervention program takes place at the clubhouses at Central, Jacobson, and McKinley elementary schools in Tracy, CA. The long-term goal of the program is to offer reading help to as many as 250 students at all six clubhouses in Tracy.

Robin Lopez of Taylor Farms Pacific with Early Literacy Program Students

Robin Lopez of Taylor Farms Pacific with Early Literacy Program Students

“The partnership with Taylor Farms has been life changing for the youth in our reading program. Having the sustained, multi-year funding pledge has ensures the reading intervention program will be an ongoing support for our youth,” said Kelly Wilson, Executive Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Tracy. “The changes in the kids’ reading has been remarkable, the confidence that shines through in their reading after the program is all that is needed to know we are making a difference.”

Taylor Farms is very proud to be a part of this important effort. The program’s success is reflected through statistics detailing 87% of participants have improved in comprehension and 91% have improved in fluency. With 60% of the children in Tracy Unified School Districts falling short in reading proficiency, our community can make a real difference by playing an active role in this BGCT literacy campaign.


Learn more about Taylor Farms’ commitment to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tracy here: