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Taylor Farms Annual Scholarship Luncheon

Introducing our outstanding 2015 scholarship recipients!

Introducing our outstanding 2015 scholarship recipients!

Each year Taylor Farms recognizes the outstanding scholastic accomplishments of the sons and daughters of our employees. We hosted our 4th Annual Taylor Farms Scholarship Luncheon this past week in Salinas, California, where 10 recipients were awarded a $5,000 Taylor Farms scholarship. The recipients will continue to receive $5,000 for each year they remain in school! Read a little bit about the recipients below.


Claudia Zavala Lara

Claudia’s mother, Leticia, is a Taylor Farms employee. After graduating from Everett Alvarez, she has been accepted to UC Davis majoring in Biological Sciences. She plans to become a Physician and be a successful, independent woman that inspires others. With almost straight A’s and perfect attendance throughout high school, she has also had challenges that have not stopped her. After emigrating from Mexico to Salinas just five years ago, the language barrier and success in school was difficult. Now, at the top of her high school class, she looks forward to her future great achievements.


Miguel Zavala BOTH of Miguel’s parents work at Taylor Farms! Arcelia and Miguel. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz Cum Laude and with honors while double majoring in Politics and Latin American and Latino Studies. He plans on starting at the Berkeley Law School this fall. Working long hours outside of school in a variety of jobs through his time at UC Santa Cruz, he has confidence that any obstacles in his way will not prevent him from achieving other goals in the future. Currently working as the Witness Coordinator for the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office has helped him realize his ultimate goal of becoming a criminal prosecutor.


Chris Farias Chris’s mother, Yolanda, is a Taylor Farms employee! Chris currently attends CSU Fresno with a goal of obtaining his BS in Ag Business. As the oldest sibling to four younger brothers, he considers his acceptance into Fresno State as his greatest achievement. After becoming a father, he thought that he would no longer have the opportunity to attend a four year university. With the help and support of his parents, family and friends, he continues to keep his dreams alive. Overcoming difficulties in life has only made him more determined to ultimately achieve his goals.


Kristina Bravo Kristina’s father, Isaias, is a Taylor Farms employee. She will continue to study at CSU Sacramento this fall in pursuit of a BS in Speech Language Pathology. With hopes of moving on to grad school, she is currently involved in many organizations and clubs that help others in a variety ways. During her vacations, she returns home to work in the fields as a way of supporting herself financially and saving for her future grad school plans. With unconditional support from her family and a strong faith in God, she was able to overcome the passing of a loved one in 2012. From that experience, she has learned that life can be difficult but with determination, she will continue to reach her dreams.


Salvador Munoz Gutierrez Both of Salvador’s parents, Adam and Maria, work at Taylor Farms. Salvador will start pursuing his college education this fall at Chico State after graduating from Alisal High recently. With the encouragement of his parents he plans on continuing his education and earn a Masters and possible doctorate degree. With a trip to NYC in high school available, he worked at McDonalds, sold candy bars at school and fundraised in other, creative ways. Throughout that experience, he realized that he could do anything he set his mind to.


Kassandra Rizo Kassandra’s mother, Rosalia, is a Taylor Farms employee. Kassandra plans on attending UC San Diego this fall to begin starting to earn a BS in Public Health. Ultimately, she would like to attend medical school and become a Pediatrician. After losing her father in 2003, she focused on education, becoming independent and working hard for what she wants. She appreciates everything that her mother has done and sacrificed for her. While in school at North High, she has made it her priority to support others in many ways. Participating in volunteering at the library, and events like Champions for Change where she spoke about how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Ramon Ahedo BOTH of Ruben’s parents work at Taylor Farms! Ramon and Cristina. Ramon plans on starting at Cal Poly SLO in the fall after transferring from Hartnell College. During his time at Hartnell, he has become a part of the UC Cooperative Extension of Monterey County in the Entomology department. He has collected samples from pesticide trials, analyzed aphid feeding damage and conducted an experiment regarding thrip feeding damage on lettuce. His greatest achievement to date is being accepted into Cal Poly where he plans on pursuing a career in Agriculture.


Maribel Servin Maribel’s father, Eduardo, is a Taylor Farms employee. Maribel will continue to attend San Jose State University where she plans on receiving her Bachelor’s degree with honors. She will then go on to obtain a PHD in Psychology as well as a minor in Justice Studies. After completing her education, she would like to become a social worker for at risk youth in Monterey County. She currently works at Peacock Acres as a Child Care Counselor and is responsible for ensuring that children’s physical, medical and emotional needs are met. After moving to the United States at age 8, she considers graduating from community college her greatest achievement to date.


Guisela Castro Guisela’s father, Francisco, is a Taylor Farms employee. After recently graduating from Gonzales High, she will attend UC Berkeley this fall. She will be the first person in her family to graduate from college. While earning straight A’s, she made a decision to become an active participant in her education and programs that help others. Her work with the Monterey Bay Rape Crisis Center has had a profound impact on her and her desire to work with others, become a leader and also empower young females through education.


Lizette Cardona Both of Lizette’s parents, Bertha and Genaro, work for Taylor Farms! Lizette plans on attending CSU Stanislaus in the fall since graduating from Alisal High. After helping to take care of her father post-surgery, she decided to become a nurse. English being her second language, she has forced herself into clubs and circumstances that push her out of her comfort zone and speak in front of others. It has been the Salinas Youth Leadership Club and Women in Science Club where she has continued to gain knowledge and self-esteem.


Please help us in congratulation our outstanding 2015 scholarship recipients! The future is bright!



Watch the video from our 2014 Taylor Farms Scholarship Luncheon:

Taylor Farms Scholarship