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Taylor Talk: Commitment to a Healthy Environment

To kick off Earth Month, yesterday Taylor Farms hosted a “Taylor Talk” where our Director of Sustainability Nicole Flewell gathered with employees and CEO Bruce Taylor to discuss the company’s sustainability initiatives and investments into renewable and alternative energy.

Clean Energy: Because we are committed to adopting cleaner energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint, Taylor Farms uses energy generated from solar, wind, and fuel cells. In fact, our Gonzales plant is making big sustainability investments that will be announced next week! {Stay Tuned}

Water Conservation: We’re always researching technologies to improve water conservation. Some of the initiatives introduced include the addition of SmartWash to our wash system, collection lines that capture plant juices before they enter the wash cycle, and a closed loop water treatment system for water recycling.

Reducing Waste: Every day we work towards decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfills. To help us do this, we reduce the amount of materials that come into our facilities, reuse materials when we can, and recycle what remains. We also work to reduce food waste both in our facilities and in your homes by donating to food banks, our employees, and charitable organizations, recycling vegetable byproducts for cattle feed and compost, and — as for decreasing waste in your home — our kits and salads are perfectly portioned so you can use every part of the product to make something healthy and delicious without any food going to waste.

Local Sourcing: We have established an extensive local sourcing program to deliver optimal freshness and quality to our consumers, assure supply to our customers, and reduce food miles of our raw materials. To help us do this, we transition our entire production facility twice a year, as our crops transition between growing regions.

Automated Harvesting: We continue to invest in field automation to increase efficiency in the field, reduce the amount of labor needed, and provide an improved ergonomic environment for harvest employees.

Taylor Farms’ automated cabbage harvester

“Our commitment to a healthy environment goes perfectly with our mission to make healthy fresh foods for our consumers,” says Flewell. “We put so much thought in all we do to develop quality products in sustainable ways, and we hope that you can see that in our produce.”


Learn even more about all of our sustainable initiatives here.