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There’s Something for Everyone in This Week’s Veggie Votes Winner, 50-50 Blend!

50/50 BlendThe votes have been counted and the winner of this week’s Veggie Votes is Taylor Farms 50-50 Blend! Made with half baby spring mix and half baby spinach, this salad gives you the best of both worlds, and has something for everyone.

Did you know that our baby spring mix may contain some or all of the following baby whole leaf varieties: green leaf, mizuna, green romaine, tango, green oak, green chard, arugula, frisee, tatsoi, mache, red chard, red leaf, lolla rosa, red romaine, red mustard, radicchio, red oak, and beet tops? Can’t go wrong with that blend of deliciousness…

And don’t forget the spinach! This superfood is the perfect addition to the variety of baby tender leaves making up the spring mix blend. Check out how we harvest the essential leafy green in this short video:

According to this week’s poll, you all voted to learn a little more about how our 50-50 Blend goes from field to table! Well…

  • Both baby spinach and the various baby leaf varieties in the spring mix grow from seed to harvest in about 30 days! They’re undoubtedly some of our fastest growing crops.
  • The start of daily harvest of these greens depends on the season and the weather forecast, but in Salinas, our farmers typically start between 10:00 pm and midnight
  • The number of people in the field during harvest depends — it’s seven if harvesting the greens into bins, and up to 14 if harvesting into totes.
  • Our growers harvest between 6,000 – 8,000 pounds per hour depending if they are harvesting into totes or bins.

There’s Something for Everyone in This Week’s Veggie Votes Winner, 50-50 Blend! Image 2

Now that we know how its grown, what can you do with the 50-50 Blend? Here are a couple of tasty recipes to spark your creativity, but really – you can use 50-50 Blend in any delicious salad recipe. It’s the perfect base for endless flavors and combinations!

Corn, Blueberry, and Goat Cheese Salad

Corn, Blueberry, and Goat Cheese Salad Recipe


Spring Goddess Grain Bowl

Spring Goddess Grain Bowl Recipe


How do you use Taylor Farms 50-50 Blend? Share pictures of your lovely dishes with us, and tag @yourtaylorfarms and #GoToGreens on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured on our feed or in our Instagram stories.